Permanent Makeup Arizona FAQ’S

  • Will the Permanent Makeup procedure hurt?

No.  It’s painless.  At Wild At Heart Studio in Scottsdale Arizona. I use two different topicals to numb the areas for the procedure.  The first topical sits on the skin for twenty to thirty  minutes to prepare the skin.  The second topical is used throughout the entire procedure  while the skin is open.


  • Will the color fade over time?

Pigment in the skin can, and usually does  fade to some degree over time.  It varies depending on your lifestyle (sun exposure, pool chlorine, some skin care products such as Retin A, AHA’s, etc.)  At Wild At Heart Studio, I give extensive post procedure instruction to ensure the best results.  One touch up is included after the procedure usually 4 to 6 weeks after the initial procedure.


  • Can the pigment come out?

Some of the pigment will fall out during the healing process and that’s why there is a touch up included at Wild At Heart Studio with every procedure.   Pigment retention is different for everyone.  After the area has healed, the pigment doesn’t come out of the skin.


  • Can I see the shape of my eyebrows before the work is begun?

Yes.  At Wild At Heart Studio, I always place the pigment of the suggested shape on the area and work hand in hand with my clients to make certain they are completely satisfied prior to starting the actual procedure.


  • Can I do my full lips, eyeliner and eyebrows all in one appointment?

It is possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it is a lot of trauma to the skin at one time and will necessitate a long sitting.  I would recommend dividing the procedure doing lips as one procedure and eyeliner and brows in a second sitting.


  • How long is the healing process?

Generally, 7 days to 10 days for full lips and seven days for eyebrows or eyeliner.


  • Will Permanent Makeup necessitate a touch up?

Yes, all procedures require and include a touch up.  It’s very rare that a procedure doesn’t need a touch up at some point.


  • Will I need one, or more touch ups?

Usually you will need just one touch up on the brows and eyeliner but the full lip procedure can sometimes require anywhere from three to four touch ups as lips are a tissue, and not skin, and tissue doesn’t hold pigment like skin does.


  • How do I select the color I want for my lips?

At my Studio,  I have a large variety of pigments available.  I can match colors to replicate lipstick colors.  There are some pigment colors that I will not recommend for full lip procedures such as darker browns or purples because they usually will not heal to a desired outcome.  I can also blend colors to provide a color sample for approval prior the start of the procedure.


  • Why do some PMU colors turn colors, like a light blue or orange afterwards?

The iron oxides in the pigment can fade or shift shades over time however, at Wild At Heart Studio I mix corrective colors together to avoid this issue.  I have very rarely seen color shifts after my procedures.


  • Will my Permanent Makeup last forever or will it need to be redone?

Even though it is called ‘permanent makeup,” the pigment does fade over time and will likely need a touch up, or possible redo, approximately 5 to 10 years after the initial procedure. 



  • Can I get a reduced price if I do eyeliner, eyebrows and full lips at the same time?

At Wild At Heart Studio, I do not discount my services for multiple procedures.  I have 20 years experience as a Permanent Makeup artist and Instructor in Arizona and my experience shows (on your face,)  Unfortunately, I am contacted quite often to fix, correct or redo someone else’s work who offered the client a discount on services to get the job.  I spend a lot of time with my clients and don’t rush though my procedures to make certain that they are perfectly happy and that post procedure protocols are followed to ensure the best possible results.



  • To make sure it heals properly, what is the post procedure protocol?

At Wild At Heart Studio I give all my clients very clear post procedure instructions before they leave my studio and I will provide all after care products to ensure the best results.


  • Is a lip liner procedure included with a full lip procedure?

Yes it is.  The lip liner defines, and/or corrects the shape of the lips.


  • How long does a full lips procedure usually take?

At Wild At Heart Studio, I block out three hours for all of my permanent makeup procedures to consult with my clients and find the color.  There is thirty minutes of numbing time prior to the start of the actual procedure.


  • How long does an eyebrow or eyeliner procedure usually take?

I block out three hours for the time to consult, shape, numb and perform the procedure at Wild At Heart Studio.  The actual procedure time will take approximately two hours.


Thanks for reading, we are located in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona.